The company

In 1994 the company specialized in peanuts, to offer a quality product, meeting the demands of the market and thus becoming more competitive and attractive.

A new phase started in 1996, with the implementation of the peanut processing process, thus achieving a better use of the grain.

In 1999, it was the turn to implement the roasting process, with modern machines that, at the end of the cycle, selected the best grains, thus offering better product quality in the national market.

From 2015 to 2017, the Construction of the Peanut Vegetable Oil Extraction Industry took place, which ensured the company’s differential vis-à-vis not only the national but also the international market, adding value and further solidifying the brand.

Today the Company carries a great brand, and exports its products, being recognized in several countries. In reviewing the past, its industrial growth and the family group that operates in it, we are grateful to all employees, customers and partners for the support and encouragement in this longstanding journey.

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Promover a excelência e qualidade dos nossos serviços e produtos para melhor atender a todos.
E comercializar os melhores grãos, com a alta qualidade no mercado nacional e internacional buscando a satisfação total dos nossos clientes.
Garantir excelência profissional e técnica.


Serve all customers, employees and partners who want quality service and high standard products.
To be a reference for the quality of the products offered and for the commitment to everyone we serve.


Maintain the high quality standard through the steps and processes until reaching the final consumer.
Ensure the commitment to employees, customers and partners, which are essential for the company. Always respecting and retaining services.

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An important classification is the characteristics of the grain, such as: Size, color, shape and humidity; and of paramount importance also the aflatoxin levels that are monitored by Kut Kó’s Quality control to provide customers with an excellent quality peanut.


The beans are evaluated in a careful process to guarantee the quality and maintaining the characteristics of the peanut.

Beneficiation Area

Peanut peeling process, consists of breaking the pods, thus separating the grains from the shell, therefore proceeding to clean them.

Selection and Classification Area

Separation of grains by size and electronic selection and manual picking, then the selected high quality peanut goes to the bagging line.

Chemical Laboratory

Where the physical-chemical analyzes of Crude Peanut Oil, Peanut Bran, and all peanuts that are sold in the national and international markets are carried out, the monitoring of all raw material that arrives to be crushed for oil is also monitored.

Classification Laboratory

Monitoring of the quality of the grains, the moment in which the grains are classified, a classification established according to their identity and quality requirements.


The roasting process, with modern machines that, at the end of the cycle, select the best grains, thus offering better product quality in the national market.

Offering the product consumers a high standard of selected grain, after the peanut has been subjected to the roasting process, it is packaged and sent to customers and partners.

Storage and Purge Area

Place where the final product is stored and also where the purge takes place, the batch remains there until it is stuffed.

Mechanical Extraction and Chemical Extraction

Kut ko has a process for the extraction of crude peanut oil through a physical-chemical process, and ending with the filtering of vegetable oil and its storage.

Crude Peanut Oil

Crude Peanut Oil is a product with many nutritional and even cosmetic advantages, being a rich source of: Pantothenic Acid, Monounsaturated Fatty Acids, Vitamins B6, B9, A, D and E, in addition to antioxidant and mineral properties, this oil it is widely used in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical dimensions. After reaching the customers abroad, Crude Peanut Oil will be refined and then commercialized.

Peanut Bran

Peanut bran is obtained at the end of the Peanut Oil Extraction process, which has nutritionally a high concentration of degradable protein in rumen, which is widely used in cattle nutrition.